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Our Story


Founded in 2017 by Prem Verma and his son, Mohit Verma, Brahma Yoga is a testament to the transformative power of yoga. Nestled in the serene hill station of Dharamkot, amidst the breathtaking Dhauladhar ranges of Himachal Pradesh, our school is dedicated to spreading the true essence of yoga.


​Prem and Mohit embarked on this journey to share the authentic knowledge of yoga, cultivated through years of learning from revered sadhus, swamis, and esteemed institutions across India.


Their passion for yoga was ignited by a life-altering experience when Prem faced severe health challenges that left him paralised. Seeking healing beyond conventional medicine, he encountered Swami Vijayanand ji, whose teachings and guidance not only restored his health but also became the foundation of his spiritual journey.​ Inspired by his miraculous recovery, Prem resolved to share the gift of yoga with others. He entrusted his son, Mohit, with the responsibility of becoming a professional yoga teacher, thus laying the foundation for Brahma Yoga.


​At Brahma Yoga, we honour this legacy by offering authentic yoga teachings rooted in tradition and guided by compassion. Our mission is to empower individuals to embark on their own transformative journey through the practice of yoga.


Join us and discover the profound healing and wisdom that yoga has to offer.

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"I'm deeply grateful to Mohit and Prem for sharing the practice of yoga.
My body and mind are forever indebted to the joy it brings."

Our Mission


Brahma Yoga is a dynamic institution deeply rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga. Our mission is to ignite a passion for yoga in every individual, encouraging exploration and understanding of its diverse styles and perspectives.

At Brahma Yoga, we embrace both tradition and innovation, fostering an environment where ancient wisdom and modern practices harmoniously coexist. By embracing the evolving landscape of yoga, we aim to empower our students on their personal journey of self-discovery, using yoga as a tool to awaken the mind and nurture deeper spiritual connections.

Our training courses are centred on the path of Tapasya, a spiritual discipline originating from Hinduism that leads to spiritual liberation. Through the practice of yoga, which is a form of Tapasya, individuals can open their bodies, allowing Prana (life force energy) to flow freely. This facilitates deep meditation, ultimately leading to Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

Brahma Yoga has expanded its presence to Upper Bhagsu (Dharamsala) and Patnem Beach (South Goa), offering transformative yoga experiences in two enchanting locations.


Join us as we embark on this journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth through the practice of yoga.

Brahma Yoga Teachers
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