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Unlock your potential with our 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training.
Designed to ignite your passion and elevate your practice.
100hr Teacher Training Course

A comprehensive 100-hour course infused with experience, knowledge and passion, led by Mohit and Prem Verma, focusing on:

  • Asana practice

  • Alignment & Anatomy

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Yogic Philosophy

  • Flow

  • Shatkarmas

Our 12 day intensive and immersive course goes beyond making you a Yoga professional, it empowers you to cultivate positive lifestyle changes. We prioritise providing all students with the tools and equal opportunities to enhance their skills and learning to their fullest potential.


The 100-hour Teacher Training Course (TTC) serves as an introductory level to acquaint you with the fundamental principles of yoga practice and philosophy. Our training program is officially recognised and registered with Yoga Alliance USA (RYT 100), ensuring the highest standards of accreditation and credibility.

Days 1-5

We'll dive deep into yoga's core, exploring physical exercises, deep thoughts, and body cleansing. We'll start by checking your bones and muscles, then learn some special yoga moves called Sun Salutations and talk about what yoga means. After that, we'll learn how to breathe deeply and clean our nose to keep our body healthy. We'll also learn how to focus better and calm our minds. At the end of the week, we'll bring everything together and think about how yoga is helping us feel better. For homework, you can practice Sun Salutations every day, read a bit about yoga, and write down how you feel after doing yoga.

Days 6-12


We'll delve into the exciting world of modern yoga while honoring traditional styles. We'll explore smooth transitions between poses, perfect our posture, and learn new sequences. Breathing exercises and meditation will help us find inner peace and balance. Additionally, we'll deepen our understanding of yogic philosophy and find ways to incorporate its wisdom into our daily lives.

The course is concluded by a small certification ceremony.

The classes are held from Monday to Saturday (half day), 7:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Who is the course suitable for?


The 100 hour multi style yoga TTC is suitable for every student from absolute beginners to the ones who are wanting to take up yoga professionally. Our aim is to support your self-practice in yoga as well as open your scope to the various possibilities as a professional.


The course is tailored to ensure that every committed student reaps substantial rewards. While we enthusiastically welcome beginners, we recommend a foundational level of physical fitness to fully participate in the daily four-hour yoga practice.

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