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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following paragraph carefully, before signing up for any course.

1. I voluntarily and willingly choose to participate in the asana practice, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, hands-on adjustments, sound healing, and any other related activities offered by Brahma Yoga. In the following this offering is referred to as yoga-related activities.

2. I am aware that all yoga-related activities require my physical and mental strength/stability. I understand that it is my full responsibility to consult a physician or doctor before starting any course of Brahma Yoga to ensure there is no medical predisposition that could disturb my learning process. I thereby acknowledge that I am in the physical and mental condition to conduct the training, workshop, etc. I signed up for.

3. I am aware that all yoga-related activities may be an intense experience physically and mentally. Despite all the effort and caution Brahma Yoga is taking in all yoga-related activities, I might be exposed to a higher risk of injuries, illnesses, or other things alike. I understand that in case of any injury-related happenings, I take full responsibility for my treatment, fees and/or hospitalization.

4. All yoga-related activities are conducted in an environment that might be different to my usual one. Therefore, I am aware that I might face difficulties regarding extreme weather conditions, local foods, nature, animals, cultural differences, or things alike.


5. I acknowledge that Brahma Yoga is putting great effort in finding and creating an appropriate yoga environment for any yoga-related activities. If I am not content with what Brahma Yoga is providing, such as food or accommodation I must find replacement and pay the expenses myself.

6. Physical adjustments in the asana are a main part of all yoga-related activities. I understand and accept that the instructor may adjust me in certain postures. If I refuse these adjustments, it is my responsibility to inform the instructor before all
yoga-related activities.

7. I understand that I must look after my personal belongings and that Brahma Yoga is not taking responsibility of any loss or damage of these.

8. I acknowledge that over time there might be changes according to the schedule, content, teachers, or any organizational-related aspects. Brahma Yoga is making sure that these changes will not affect the focus of all yoga-related activities.

9. I am aware that I must pay a deposit to sign up for the course. This deposit must be paid in advance in a certain period set by Brahma Yoga. For 100h - 100 USD, for 200h  - 200 USD, 300h - 300 USD). This deposit covers fixed costs (explained in §10) and is only refundable three months before starting the course.

10. I understand that once I signed up for any yoga-related activities, Brahma Yoga has fixed organizational expenses, such as travelling costs of the teaching team and reservations for accommodation. Once I start any yoga-related activities, these fixed costs are non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-transferable.

11. If I decide to terminate any yoga-related activity, I will get a voucher including the remaining teaching, food, and accommodation if any of these hasn’t been paid in advance by Brahma Yoga to third parties (regarding food and accommodation). I will be able to redeem this voucher within the next two years in any location of Brahma
Yoga. This voucher is non-refundable, and non-transferable.

12. I acknowledge that I must pay the entire course fee before starting the course, latest upon arrival. The fee must be paid in cash (EUR, INR, or USD) or online (e.g., through wise, or PayPal). I understand that all online services include a certain fee that I must inform myself about before the payment and that I therefore must include in my payment.

13. I understand that I have to attend 100% of the course in order to receive my certificate. Brahma Yoga is a registered Yoga School, conducting professional Yoga Teacher Training courses. It is therefore under the judgment of Brahma Yoga to decide if I pass the course or not.

14. I acknowledge that Brahma Yoga and its teachers are taking photos or videos during all yoga-related activities. I agree that this material is possibly uploaded on social media, such as website, Instagram, and Facebook. I also understand that I can take and use my own photos or videos, but only if all classmates and teachers are consent
with me taking and posting it.

15. If any yoga-related activity must be canceled due to lack of students (min. 3 students) or any other unavoidable reason, I will get a 100% of the fee paid for all yoga-related activities of Brahma Yoga. However, I am aware that Brahma Yoga is not responsible for any other payments, such as flight cancellations, hotel reservations or alike.

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