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UK Retreat - Yogic Immersion
6th April ~ Merkabah Retreat, Dorset


I am delighted to be hosting my first UK retreat in April 2024, and I invite you to practice with me in this stunning countryside venue, Merkabah Retreat.

I am hosting with an incredible Shamanic Healer, Claire Donovan and promise you a truly a special experience not to be missed.

Whether beginner to advanced practitioner... you will feel the benefit. 

Retreat Schedule:

  • 10am - Opening Circle

  • 10.15am - Pranayama - ancient breathing techniques, used to extend the breath, promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being

  • 11am - Hatha Yoga - the foundational practice of yoga, focussing on the postures and breath

  • 12.30pm - Authentic Indian Thali Lunch - savour flavours that connect you to the heart of India, made by our creative retreat chef 

  • 2pm - Life as a Yogi - share Chai & delicious Indian sweets, whilst learning about life as a yogi, inspiring you to fully immerse yourself in this beautiful ancient wisdom

  • 3pm - Yin Yoga with Sound Healing - experience a restorative Yin practice as you fully relax to the sound of healing gongs, skilfully led by Claire

  • 4pm - Closing Circle

  • 4.30pm - Float home as a fully immersed yogi, embracing ancient traditions to enhance your practice

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a some Indian magic back into your life.

Contact Mohit

If you'd like to collaborate with Mohit in the UK, to plan yoga retreats, classes or workshops please get in touch:

+91 78073 83606 WhatsApp

Thank you for your enquiry

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