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DURGA retreat 

 women's retreat for pelvic floor awarness 

 About Durga retreat

Meet the Retreat Manager 

Roni was born in Israel and began practicing yoga in 2018. She was diagnosed with Vulvodynia, a condition that causes chronic pain in the vulva, and western treatments proved to be ineffective. She looked for alternative approaches to hopefully alleviate the symptoms of her condition. Her passion for yoga grew over the years, leading her on a spiritual journey in India and Nepal.


During her travels, Roni visited various spiritual centers, including Sivananda yoga ashram and the Tushita Buddhist Center. She practiced with several yoga teachers across the country, immersing herself in the practice and seeking to uplift her body and mind. Through daily practice and dedication, Roni managed to improve her wellbeing and find a sense of peace.


Roni's passion for yoga deepened, and she decided to become a certified yoga teacher. She completed her training at the Himalayan Yoga Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal, and continued her studies with Prem and Mohit at Brahma Yoga in Dharamshala, India. Roni's experience and training have allowed her to share her knowledge and passion for yoga, particularly in the area of women's health. She currently manages the Durga Retreat, a women's retreat center that specializes in pelvic floor awareness- by Brahma Yoga. Roni's journey is a testament to the transformative power of yoga and the potential for healing and growth that it offers.

Our upcoming retreats 

You are more then welcone to join our retreats in  November until February Palolem beach, Goa, India. 

Get in touch for more details and specific dates.

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