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Our Story

Brahma Yoga was founded in 2017 by Prem and his son Mohit Verma in the hill station of Dharamkot at the beautiful Dhauladhar ranges of Himachal Pradesh. Prem and Mohit started the yoga school to spread the true and authentic knowledge of yoga which both of them learnt after years of leanings from various sadhus, swamis and schools by travelling extensively across the country. Their yogic journey started when Prem suffered multiple life threatening health issues which left him paralysed. While he was trying to heal with the help of allopathic medicines, he met a saint named Swami Vijayanand ji who introduced and healed him with the help of Yoga and went on to become his Guru. After his miraculous recovery, he took it upon himself that he had to spread the knowledge of Yoga which started by letting his son take the path of becoming a professional Yoga Teacher.

Our Mission

Brahma Yoga is a progressive school with deep roots in traditional yoga. Our purpose is to inspire everyone to explore and understand Yoga in its different styles and perspectives. At Brahma Yoga we create space for tradition and modernity to co-exist. By being open to the new, we aim to guide our students on their own path of self-inquiry and to practice yoga as a way to awaken the mind for deeper spiritual practice. Our training courses are focused on the path of Tapasya - the spiritual discipline from Hinduism through which one can achieve spiritual liberation. The practice of Yoga is a form of Tapasya. Through the correct performance of Asanas one opens the body and allows Prana to flow so one can also connect in deep meditation and therefore Moksha. Brahma Yoga is now based in Upper Bhagsu (Dharamsala),  and Palolem Beach, (South Goa).

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Mohit Verma

Director & Teacher

Mohit was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab and is a lover of nature and music. He has been practicing yoga since 2002 (14years old). After many years of practice, he began studying Classical Yoga under the guidance of Swami Vijayanand Ji in 2015 who is an authentic sadhu and his biggest inspiration. After his teachings, Mohit dedicated himself to the exploration of happiness and service through yoga. Mohit enrolled himself for a Diploma in Yoga from Banaras Hindu University (2015); and after that he went to Rishikesh for his YTTC (500hrs) from Yoga Chakra School in 2016; He learned Diploma in Yoga therapy and is also a physiotherapist.  For the next one year Mohit travelled across the country and did self-practice of yoga with Sadhus and Swamis he met along his travels. In 2017 Mohit along with his father Prem Verma started a Yoga Center in Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Mohit teaches the Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200/300 hours) and Drop-Ins at Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh (March to October) and Arambol, Goa in (October to March). He also holds Yoga Retreats at various places across the country.


Prem Verma

Director & Teacher

Prem’s journey of yoga began at the age of 39 (2015) after he developed serious health issues due to his previous line of work which required him to sit for at-least 16-18hours daily at one place due to which he had his left side completely paralysed. While he was undergoing his medicinal therapy he met Swami Vijayanand Ji who removed his dependancy from allopathic drugs and completely recovered him by Yoga Therapy. Inspired by the work of Swami ji, Prem learned Yoga Therapy from Swami Vijayanand and then completed YTTC from Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh. Prem supported and helped his son Mohit Verma to learn the art of Yoga and along with his whole family shifted from the plains of Punjab to the mountains in the Holy Land of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. He along with his son Mohit started Brahma Yoga Center in the year of 2017 and has since then helped a lot of people heal their severe physical injuries by providing Yoga Therapy. Currently Prem administers the centre and teaches Yogic Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation and Shatkriya.

Join us on this life changing journey

Our Teachers

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